Our History

Organized in 1939 when ten foundry firms, striving to improve their melting operations, joined forces to employ the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, the Gray Iron Research Institute was formed. GIRI split from Battelle in 1948. In 1978 GIRI was renamed Iron Casting Research Institute (ICRI) to reflect the variety of irons produced at member plants. ICRI presently has seventeen members with thirty-one foundries located in twelve states.  Membership is open to iron foundries in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

ICRI Member Dues!

ICRI offers three classes of membership to new members to suit your needs. The classes are:

Option A 30 Hrs*             Option B 55 Hrs*              Option C 105 Hrs*

*There is an additional Surcharge for each extra foundry supported over one.  

Dues are billed quarterly for each member. Service hours used over purchased amounts, are billed at an adjusted rate.

Our Mission

To provide means by which each member can become more technically proficient in producing low cost, high quality iron castings.

    • To select members who can benefit from the results but also have the qualifications to contribute  to this mutual effort.
    • To operate with the optimum number of members to permit  employment of a highly qualified staff, yet limit the number of members so that the unique rapport between staff and members can function.

To maintain a technical staff which, by interaction with member technical and operating personnel, can:

    • Transfer known foundry technology into member operations
    • Develop new technical knowledge or processes for use by the members.
    • Assist members in solving specific foundry problems in a consulting capacity.
    • Develop programs which will serve to educate technical and operating personnel employed by the  members.
    • Function as an extension of each member’s staff when dealing with customer problems.

ICRI News & Calendar of Events

Job Opening

ICRI is looking for a seasoned Metallurgical Engineer who likes to be challenged!  Ideal candidate should possess a Bachelors or Masters in Metallurgical or Materials Engineering, have worked in a production iron foundry(s) for at least fifteen years, and be proficient with technical writing, typing and Microsoft Office Suite products. There is some travel involved with the position.  No move to Columbus required.  You can email your resume to  .



No events scheduled at this time.


“Iron seemeth a simple metal but in it’s nature are many mysteries and men who bend to them their minds shall, in arriving days, gather therefrom great profit, not to themselves alone but to all mankind.”

                                                                                         Joseph Glanvill, 1636-1680


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